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Concept Design


Nippy's is a chain of all-american ice cream and frozen yoghurt havens in Manhattan for people on the go. Everything is rich, bright and bold and here you can feast on trademarked ice cream flavours 'East Side Cherry Crumble', 'Nuts for New York' and 'Manhattan Melon Munch' and many many more!

Bleecker St Bookshop

Bleecker St Bookshop is a contemporary concept using traditional advertising, with a twist, alongside PR in social media. The advertising around town consists of posters on public transport and large banners mounted on building facades with clever quotes alongside the company logo. 

Copenhagen Art Fair 2017

A graphic design concept for the annual Copenhagen Art Fair. A boombastic combo of things Danish, the Bauhaus movement and Cubism in a sober colouring setting.

Soho Graphics Gallery

This warehouse gallery is located in the back alleys of London's Soho district in a squat-like habitat. The graphic profile, used for in-house and external marketing material, maintains the inner city urban jungle feeling to blend with its surroundings.

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